Barbecued Wild Salmon With Herb Potatoes and Piccantelli Asparagus

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Spring is definitely here. Time to dust off that good ol’charcoal barbecue!

I love barbecuing because the smokiness of the charcoal enhances the natural flavours of your aliments. It is also the easiest way to deal with whole fish. This time, I just rubbed salmon with salt and pepper, filled it with lemon slices and thrown it on the grill. Once you lit the charcoal, there is nothing to stop you from cooking your veggies right there too! I used the heat of the barbecue to steam my foil-wrapped potatoes and piccantelli asparagus, to complete this simple and tasty meal.

Ingredients for 6-8 servings:

1 whole wild salmon

1 sliced lemon

Salt and pepper

Olive oil

For the herb potatoes:

1 russet potato per serving

1 tablespoon Italian herbs

½ teaspoon kosher salt

Olive oil

For the piccantelli asparagus:

6 asparagus spears per serving

¼ cup piccantelli olives

Olive oil

1. Boil the potatoes for 30 mins.

2. Score the potatoes using a knife and rub herbs and salt into the cuts.

3. Drizzle the potatoes with olive oil and tighly wrap with aluminum foil.

4. Light up the barbecue.

5. Rinse the fish with cold water and pat dry using paper towel.

6. Rub the fish with salt and pepper and fill the belly with lemon slices.

7. Wrap the fish with aluminum foil.

8. When the coals are ready, place fish and potatoes on the barbecue.

9. Snap the asparagus ends off.

10. Top the asparagus with the olives, drizzle with olive oil and wrap with aluminum foil.

11. After barbecueing for 15-20 mins, remove the foil from the fish.

12. Steam the asparagus on the barbecue for 15-20 mins.

13. Serve immediately.


Helen said...

I LOVE barbecue cooking - I'm just about to dust off mine for dinner tonight! I love the way you kept this so simple, a whole fish cooked on the barbecue it such a treat.

Vanilla said...

Thanks for your insight, Helen - To me, barbecuing simply means that spring, and summer, are back! And charcoal makes the food taste fabulous!
Enjoy your barbecue!

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