Weekend Gourmet Shopping in Tuxedo

We just shopped around Tuxedo, Calgary’s little Italy, this Saturday. We first stopped at the Italian Supermarket (Edmonton trail and 20th Ave NE) for the best service ever at the deli counter. Picked our favorite mortadella, pancetta, proscuitto and goat cheese, zesty piave and asiago for brunch.

Our new find: the hottest, most garlicky eggplant pickles ever! Still salivating over them!

Just past DaGuido’s, our second stop: hustling and bustling Lina’s Italian Market (Centre Street and 22th Ave NE)! Wow! Pleasantly surprised by the fresh meat counter, could not resist the veal chops for our Sunday dinner. Never seen such a variety of hand rolled pasta!

Within minutes, I had everything for tasty homemade pizzas: barbequed red peppers, picantello olives, anchovies, and fresh buffalo mozzarella and herbs! All I needed was the recipe for the dough from the Joy of Cooking and a jar of yeast.

I would have stayed for espresso and pastries at the cappuccino bar, but impossible to find a seat this late. No fret! Just a few blocks northwards and we were at the Amandine Bakery (Centre Street and 25th Ave NE) for pastries!

Well worth the trip ...on a lazy Saturday morning! Away from the overcrowded Superstores et al...

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