What Serious Science Has to Say About Chocolate Cravings…

What do Scientists do when they are not experimenting in the Lab?

Read, read and read more to keep up with other scientist’s experiments…and so do I! I was browsing through the publications of the American Chemical Society (ACS) the other day, and, by mistake, clicked on the homepage link….

And there it was!

Under the Journals in the News headline: Scientists Explain Chocolate Cravings

Wow! I am a chocoholic!

Just like David, Clothilde and Fanny, I LOVE chocolate! What is a Birthday without a Chocolate cake? Even my Soap is made of Chocolate!

Should I obey the foodie or the chemist? I felt torn. Did I really want to unravel the secrets of my addiction to this marvelous, magical treat? ...Or did I want to keep the mystery alive?!

One mouse click...and the mystery was finally going to be solved. The chemist in me was stronger than I thought: I had to check the paper out.

What was the big deal after all!? The research team from the Nestle Research Center and Imperial College managed to distinguish "chocolate desiring" and "chocolate indifferent" male subjects through blood and urine analyses. Whether they ate chocolate or not, chocolate indifferent males showed more fatty acids responsible for "bad" cholesterol in their blood than the chocolate lovers. Compared with the chocolate lovers, their urine also contained different chemicals, indicating very distinct intestinal metabolisms and microbial contents.

In a nutshell, my chocolate cravings come from my gut microbial make-up!? And they are supposed to keep my bad cholesterol levels down!!!

I had better indulge with my fix of Bernard's ASAP! With a glass of sweet Black Muscat! Bien sûr!!!

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